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50_spectators_at_a_rugby_match__Vite_Levu__Fiji_July_1967.jpg (45885 bytes)

Rugby match spectators, vanua Levu, Fiji. July 67

03_jetty_at_Savu_Savu_Fiji_July_67.jpg (53225 bytes)

The jetty, Vanua Levu, where we gave nightly film shows for the locals. July 67

05_Fijian_policemen__Suva_July_67.jpg (45597 bytes)

Fijian police, Suva

06_Fijian_police_band_on_Suva_jetty_July_67.jpg (51388 bytes)

Fijian police band, as we sailed from Suva, July 67

08_New_Caledonia_July_67.jpg (50430 bytes)

New Caledonia July 67


09_Noumea__capital_of_New_Caledonia_July_67.jpg (40495 bytes)

Noumea, capital of New Caledonia. July 67


17_dancing_display_Ugi__Solomon_Islands_July_67.jpg (42915 bytes)

Dancing display, Ugi, British Solomon Islands, July 67

23_Port_Moresby_Papua_New_Guinea_July_67.jpg (42202 bytes)

Beach at Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea July 67

30_ceremonial_guard_for_Cdr_Reffells_departure_Singapore_Aug_67.jpg (43713 bytes)

Cdr Reffell leaves Sirius - a guard of honour (horror?) Aug 67


32_ceremonial_guard_for_Cdr_Reffells_departure_Singapore_Aug_67.jpg (40040 bytes)

Inspecting the guard

37_entering_Hong_Kong_Sept_67.jpg (39862 bytes)

Entering Hong Kong Sept 67

43_Hong_Kong_waterfront_Sept_67.jpg (36240 bytes)

Hong Kong Sept 67

45_Hong_Kong_harbour_Sept_67.jpg (42108 bytes)

Hong Kong, US ships alongside Aug 67

49_Wanchai_at_night__from_the_Peak_Sept_67.jpg (49543 bytes)

Wanchai at night, from the Peak Aug 67

50_Star_ferry_terminal_Kowloon_Sept_67.jpg (51005 bytes)

Star Ferry terminal Hong Kong Aug 67

10_Sailing_junk_from_Star_Ferry__Hong_Kong_Aug_67.jpg (46996 bytes)

Sailing junk, from Star Ferry Hong Kong, Aug 67

11_Seacat_shoot_off_Singapore_Oct_67.jpg (23282 bytes)

Seacat shoot off Singapore Oct 67

17_1st_commission_paying_off_pennant__leaving_Singapore_Oct_67.jpg (32521 bytes)

Leaving Singapore, paying off pennant for 1st Commission, Oct 67

18_Westering_Home_Indian_Ocean_Oct_67.jpg (21689 bytes)

"Westering Home", Indian Ocean Oct 67

24_Entering_Simonstown_in_a_Cape_Doctor_Oct_67.jpg (51387 bytes)

Simons Bay, South Africa. Anchored dragged in the "Cape Doctor" wind. Oct 67

27_Simonstown_Oct_67.jpg (42849 bytes)

Simonstown, Oct 67

28_Simonstown_Oct_67.jpg (29432 bytes)

Simonstown Oct 67

37_Neptunes_Court_9th_Nov_67.jpg (38607 bytes)

Neptune's Court, again, Nov 67

39_Neptunes_court_Nov_67.jpg (36332 bytes)

Nov 67

40_final_sun_tan_12th_Nov_67.jpg (43040 bytes)

Last tan before an English winter Nov 67

48_Gibraltar_referendum_Nov_1967.jpg (31454 bytes)

Gibraltar Nov 67

11_German_destroyer__HMS_Daring_Portland_March_68.jpg (47266 bytes)

Portland Feb 68, HMS Daring in the centre

12_work_up_ships_alongside_at_Portland_March_68.jpg (49998 bytes)

Other work up ships alongside, Feb 68

15_Entering_Portland_on_a_grey_day_March_68.jpg (21231 bytes)

From the Seacat Console March 68

   16_2K_POs_mess__Lofty__POME_Wiltshire__POME_Grant__Dick_Kefford_March_68.jpg (28141 bytes)

2K POs mess, Lofty, POME Wiltshire, POME Grant, Dick Kefford

13_2K_POs_mess_Jock_Lindsay_lost_overboard_later__POME_Wiltshire_March_68.jpg (16010 bytes)

2K POs mess. Jock Lindsay (Later lost overboard in a storm), POME Wiltshire sleeping off their tot. March 68

"We Lost Jock"

life raft.jpg (17148 bytes)

Life raft released for Jock Lindsay, recovered empty the following day by US Coastguard Cutter "Chase" (Capt. James Luse), who had spent the night searching. Photo courtesy Rodney Young (Fireman USCGC Chase). 

Shortimer Nov 21968.jpg (60054 bytes)

Page from the USCGC Chase ship's newspaper, a letter from Capt Luse about the search for Jock Lindsay. (And I have to say, despite being a messmate, I never knew his real name was Andrew). Courtesy, again, Rodney Young, who is also an amateur historian. See 

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